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8 JANUARY 2024

Millboard – Timber Alternative Cladding

Life today is often about time and money and how to save it….. This is especially the case when it comes to our homes. We often want to use products that will ‘last forever and be maintenance free’

Millboard is primarily known for its decking products and as the alternative to real timber. The longevity of the product long outlives similar ‘composite opponents. But as the years have passed, they have now branched out to cladding systems, but this still isn’t enough, just like many other manufacturing companies, they are constantly looking to improve their products and processes.

Millboard is an incredible environmentally friendly company; using Air Source Heat Pumps and nearby lakes for heated water. They use electric and auto hybrid cars and are UK based with their main factory in Coventry. Unlike many other composite products, there is no heat involved in the process of making the decking and cladding boards.

What most people may not realise is that millboard can be re-used, they are currently trialling container bins for any offcuts to be then ground down into polymer powder to then use again. Offcuts can also be taken to any local Man’s shed charities where they can be used to make different objects.

Millboard Envello:

Millboard’s Envello range specifically designed for cladding to create exciting and interesting facades includes the Shadow line+ and the Board and Batten. It is manufactured using the same process as the decking. It is moulded from real oak using a latex mould. During the manufacturing process, it is exposed to the equivalent of 30 years of Ultraviolet light. It is resistant to chemicals so is perfect for around swimming pools, it is stain resistant and salt resistant and doesn’t swell.

The Shadow Line+ range is 181mm wide, is fire rated to Class D fire rating, is best installed with 600mm supports and is available in: smoked oak, golden oak, burnt cedar, antique oak and limed oak.

The Board and batten range will soon become fire rated too and is currently available in smoked oak, golden oak, burnt cedar and antique oak. The tongue and groove profile means that the fixings go through the tongue, so the fixings are hidden. This play in the tongue and groove also allows for fitting the cladding on curves.

What makes millboard a good alternative to real timber?

As mentioned earlier, the pigment in the paint during the manufacturing process is resistant to UV whereas real timber would fade and degrade in sunlight. There is no leaching as it is a closed cell structure. The cladding is generally installed with a 1mm gap, but this is for the expansion of the timber battens behind as well as the 25mm air gap for ventilation for the structure behind. Millboard is tested against wind, it is nontoxic and resistant to algae and weathering. No specialist tools are needed to install millboard. The biggest advantage is that millboard is completely maintenance free, with washing only required if needed.

We at A7 Design can confidently specify the whole Millboard range because of its qualities. Most clients want an easy, maintenance free option whilst still giving the illusion of real timber or an option to be expressive with colours and design. Durability is key when we are specifying or suggesting products to clients, millboard meets that criteria whilst providing different aesthetic options and great environmental credentials.

  • Lisa Gray
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