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10 NOVEMBER 2023

Kingspan – Insulation

Insulation is vital for keeping homes warm, thermally efficient and most importantly, keeping heating costs down.

One well known brand of insulation is Kingspan, they have a range of products, and always strive to invent innovative new technologies and products.

AlphaCore is their newest product, which was previously called Calostat, it has the thermal performance similar to their Kooltherm range and also achieves class A2 fire rating.

A huge advantage of using the new AlphaCore range is that it provides a space saving of up to 40% compared to the mineral choice, this makes it incredibly cost effective. The insulation is water repellent as well as breathable, meaning it is a good choice for listed buildings.

There are two variants, pure which is unfaced and used predominantly offsite for prefab works and also Pad which has a core sewn into a glass fibre sleeve. The boards come in 20-50mm thick and can be layered.

There are many applications for the insulation including facades and soffits paired with a calcium silicate board.

Just like many other manufacturers Kingspan are already thinking into the future with sandwich mineral wool with a glass tissue facing which will be used for external insulation.

Everyone knows how expensive repair works can be, Kingspan have created an intelligent roof leak detection alongside Aquatrace. This wired sensor grid detects leaks on the roof within a 1m2 area which helps to reduce water ingress as the alert goes straight to a mobile phone and can be quickly fixed any damage can be caused, thus saving time and money.

Kingspan has a wide range of insulation products to meet all sorts of requirements. The Optim-R-E range is a high performance vacuum insulated product which can be used within an inverted roof construction and achieves class E fire rating. This insulation is ideal for terraces where thicknesses need to be kept to a minimum as it is the highest performance insulation on the market. The insulation has a silica core and fleece in a gas tight envelope.

At A7 Design we often get asked what insulation we would recommend, Kingspan continues to be at the top of the list! They are a company that is continuing to look to evolve and provides high insulation solutions in a variety of ways whilst doing their bit for the environment by recycling plastic bottles into their insulation products and finding beach clean projects worldwide.

  • Lisa Gray


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