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27 MARCH 2024

4 reasons to choose a natural freshwater pool

Recently we’ve been diving into the world of natural swimming pools for a new client – two avid sea swimmers.

Their brief to us; design our home (and garden) to incorporate all the things we love – including our passion for cold water!

If you’re looking to update your landscape with a sustainable, nature-friendly feature, here are 4 reasons why a freshwater pool could be for you…

  1. Chemical-Free Pools: No more fussing over pH levels and chlorine. Natural freshwater pools, also called swimming ponds, work like self-sufficient ecosystems. They keep water clear without chemicals, offering a dip in nature’s spa.
  2. Health Benefits: Cold-water swimming has been linked to numerous health benefits, including decreased pain levels, reduced muscle recovery time, and improved mental well-being. Start your day with a swim and some yoga by the pool – your body will love it.
  3. Garden Paradise: Turn your pool into a beautiful garden oasis. Plant perennials, add a soothing waterfall feature, and introduce some aquatic life, such as fish, to enhance the pool’s ecosystem. Not only do these additions beautify your space, but they also contribute to the pool’s natural circulation and harmony.
  4. Eco-Friendly Choice By opting for a natural swimming pool, you’re making an eco-conscious choice that benefits both your lifestyle and the environment. These pools require minimal energy and water maintenance compared to traditional chemical pools, making them a sustainable option for eco-minded individuals. Plus, you’ll be supporting local wildlife and biodiversity right in your own backyard.


So, why settle for a traditional chemical pool when you can enjoy the wonders of a thriving, self-sustaining natural pool?

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