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10 APRIL 2024

Big Ideas for Small Spaces: 7 tips that can be applied to any small space

So, you’ve just moved into your new home, and you love it. However, there’s a few small spaces that you want to decorate but you are just not sure where to start.

Below are 7 top tips to help you make the most of your space, along with how you can tie in those latest trends coming through design in 2024.

No.1, Get Natural  

More than a trend, green living is quickly turning into a lifestyle. This is about bringing the outside in, it’s about our intrinsic need to connect to nature and how this benefits our health, lifts our mood and awakens our senses to our world.  Eco-conscious Interiors are the main focus. along with sustainable materials, organic shapes and earthy tones oh and a little lush greenery and biophilia thrown in the mix.  There’s no better way to add some soul and atmosphere to your space. To embrace this, it can be as simple as keeping your windows bare to enhance the light and going to the garden centre to buy that new plant.

No.2, Drench it in colour. 

Colour drenching is not a ‘new’ and fleeting trend, far from it, this year we are seeing it pave the way for a shift in design ethos. This ethos is rooted in the idea of creating immersive emotion provoking environments for its inhabitants.

This is created by using a symphony of hues and saturating everything in one colour, walls, skirting, ceilings, doors and even windows. In a small space it not only creates an optical illusion of enlarging rooms by avoiding any harsh contrast, but with a careful choice of colours in your small space (I would suggest pastels), can help create a sense of grounding, relaxation and serenity. If you’re more of a fan of neutrals go for soft and warm tones (Try: Slaked Lime, Little Greene).

No.3, Right on trend rugs

‘Go big with a rug’. Choose a statement rug, this is going to add some warmth and bring your room together. Go bold with artistic choices if this is your style but keep the colours muted, think understated elegance, the underdog of your home.

No.4, Elevate your space.

Legs! Think about keeping as much furniture off the floor as possible – choose sofas, dressers etc. with legs; you want to create the illusion these pieces are floating, giving you more floor space. However, feel free to ground yourself with your coffee table so it doesn’t look like your leggy pieces are ready to walk away. Authenticity is in, furniture with character and personality, so take this as your chance to go hunting for some vintage finds.

No.5, Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

Accessorise: Use every space possible.  Windowsills are an easy place to add accessories, but do not overfill! Mirrors are also a great way to add depth and intrigue to a smaller room and if you want to keep on trend, go for an oversized unique and organic shaped mirror. Pair this like a full-bodied Rioja and a creamy Manchego with some monochrome retro inspired pieces of 2024 and you can’t go wrong.

No. 6, Playful Accents 

Yes, you can still be playful in a small space, in fact adding in some quirky accents can add some whimsy to the space and create focal points. An accent chair, oversized vase or a timeless piece of art, if you want to add some personality to your space now is the time to be brave.

No.7, Squirrel it away

Minimalism & Storage! Take inspiration from a squirrel and hide everything away! Warm Minimalism is in. Clutter-free living has never gone out of style and it isn’t about to in 2024. This is about restoring balance, let your home promote mindfulness and hide as much as possible; hang it, shelve it, contain it – do whatever it takes to make your home a peaceful paradise. Namaste.

Hopefully, this is the inspiration you needed to maximise your small space, but if you’re still stuck, my in-box is always open – sophie@a7design.co.uk.

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