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13 JUNE 2024

Unlock the charm of Georgian design: Bridgerton-inspired colours and textures for your home

If you’ve been swept away by the opulence and drama of Bridgerton, you’re not alone! I am a huge fan too and can’t wait for the Colin/Penelope saga to unfold when Bridgerton returns this week.

As a colour and texture enthusiast, this series has reignited my love for bold palettes and sumptuous finishes – and it seems to have inspired some of my clients too!

Throughout this article, you’ll see stunning images of Georgian-inspired interiors that I’ve recreated for my clients, showcasing how you can bring the Bridgerton flair into your home.

Let me show you how:

A splash of colour: the Georgian palette

When we think of Georgian colours, we often imagine muted pastels and understated hues. However, the later era as the world of paint was developing was equally celebrated for its bolder and brighter palettes, something The Featherington Household especially showcases beautifully. Here’s how you can recreate that vivid charm:

Vibrant earthy tones: The Georgians adored rich earthy tones of greens, blues, terracotta’s and even pinks. Check out Little Greene’s Georgian paint colours for inspiration. If it’s dusky teal walls you’re after, think ‘Tea with Florence’ or for deep greens think ‘Olive Colour’ or ‘Invisible Green’.

Opulent Wallpapers and intricate patterns: Often used to show off the elegance of a room and add a sense of delicacy-coloured wallpapers and patterned fabrics were all the rage. The colours ranged from rich ochre yellow to terracotta and were selected for their warmth and comfort.

Texture play: bringing depth and dimension

Texture is key to achieving that luxurious Georgian look. Here are some tips to get those sumptuous finishes just right:

Sumptuous Fabrics: Fact: this was the first way in which Interior Designers could play with colour before paint was even invented. Think velvet drapes, silk cushions, and embroidered tapestries. These materials add a tactile richness that’s quintessentially Georgian. Drape your windows with heavy, lined curtains and scatter silk or velvet cushions on your sofa for an instant upgrade.

Intricate Mouldings: Georgian interiors are famous for their decorative plasterwork. Consider adding ceiling roses, ornate cornices & architraves, and wainscoting to your rooms. These details add depth and historical authenticity to your space

Lustrous Paint Finishes: High-gloss paint can mimic the look of Georgian lacquer. Use it on woodwork and cabinetry to create a gleaming, polished effect.

Furniture and Accessories: The Final Flourish

No Georgian-inspired room is complete without the right furniture and accessories. Here are a few elements to consider:

Elegant Furniture & Rugs: Opt for pieces with graceful lines and ornate detailing. Mahogany and walnut were popular during the Georgian period along with intricate hand-woven rugs in all sorts of stunning colours.

Classical Art and Mirrors: Adorn your walls with classical art and large, gilded mirrors. These pieces not only enhance the sense of space but also reflect light, adding to the room’s brightness.

Chandeliers and Candelabras: Lighting is crucial in creating that Bridgerton ambiance. A grand chandelier or elegant candelabras can serve as stunning focal points.

Bringing the Bridgerton-inspired Georgian style into your home is all about embracing brave colours, rich textures, and elegant finishes.

Whether you’re updating a single room or reimagining your entire home, these tips will help you transform your home into a space worthy of the Ton!


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