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Stay Ahead of the Game – What an Interior Designer Can do For You

You think to yourself how hard can this be, people do their homes up every day? You’ve probably scrolled social media for hours, saved hundreds of images on Pinterest and maybe even put your dream furniture in the basket at your favourite store but something is not clicking.

You can’t seem to visualise it all; decisions on the kitchen, bathroom layouts, colours, materials and suddenly you are overwhelmed.

We can all say we’ve been indecisive in life, be it that outfit you want to wear to a big event, or that new car you can’t choose. Well luckily with interiors you can get someone to take all that stress away and make the decisions for you. Whilst hiring an interior designer can seem daunting, you worry;

  • Will they listen to me?
  • Will they throw every colour at your walls and ignore your vision so your home no longer feels like yours?

In fact, this is quite the opposite.

Most interior designers will be professionally trained, some spending years perfecting their art, and one of the main things they have learnt in this time is the importance of building relationships.

It can be hard to imagine relinquishing control to a stranger, so the first priority for a designer is always getting to know the clients. They like to get to know how you work, what you do, your day-to-day needs and your goals and desires. Once they have achieved this, all the other training comes into play, the formulas they have learnt for space planning, how colours work and the way they can evoke emotions, materials and the tactile properties they possess.

The cogs start the minute a designer meets the client listening intently to what your style is and what you want to achieve with the spaces, the main goal is to inject a new perspective into your thoughts and come up with creative solutions for problems you hadn’t even found yet.

This is achieved by creating mood boards; these portray the style, colour and even furniture you imagine being in each space. They may also produce plans, sketches and 3D visualisations.

Your Designer will take care of the budget, create schedules, but perhaps one of the biggest advantages of hiring an Interior Designer is the access you have to their knowledge, such as; the best suppliers of products, materials, paints and finishes.

From years’ of experience, they’ll know who is the finest in their craft, where to go for each and which craftsmen to get to fit them. An Interior designer will be there to take the responsibility off your hands and bring your vision to fruition.

They have for years carried with them a stigma that you should only hire them if it is an extensive project, but, contrary to popular belief they will relish in helping you with a simple colour scheme or that bathroom layout you can’t get quite right.

This is their job, and they are passionate about every part, even where your favourite vase should be placed!

So next time you need help in your home or new space, an interior designer is there to help, and when they’re finished your home will not only be beautiful, but it will be functional and well thought out.

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